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Since 2015 we have executed projects in the field of electrical installation and automatic control engineering system construction and renovation of ships in the Tri-City shipyards, inclusive of Remontowa Shiprepair Yard S.A., Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A.,  Nauta Shipyard.

Our experienced staff – electricians, installation electricians and locksmiths – are ready to perform assignments at the national and international levels.

We provide the following services from design, implementation to operation service:

Electrical Installations

  • cable routes (cable channels and cable racks)
  • cable passages without any partition
  • cable installations
  • electrical device and machine installation and connection
  • external electrical installations
  • external and internal lighting system installation
  • installation of earth-termination systems and equipotential bonding systems
  • installation of lighting conductor systems
  • construction site power supply
  • guaranteed power supply networks and installations
  • switchboards and control panels
  • photovoltaic systems
  • GTR
  • Generators anduninterruptible power supply devices (UPS)

Automatic Control Engineering

  • programming of automatic control engineering drivers and inverters
  • design of automatic control engineering systems containing extended starting systems


Renewable Energy

  • Photovoltalics
  • Solar photovoltalics systems
  • Optimisation of energy consumption

Pipelines and steel constructions

  • Welding
  • Assembly


We execute projects at the national and international levelsin the field of electrical installation and automatic control engineering system construction and renovation. Our staff are high-class specialists.


We treat each Client individually and tailor our offer to your specific needs. The experience and knowledge of the Company’s specialists determine our choices and activities.


If you want to joint our Team, sign up in our service and send us your CV.  We guarantee you permanent cooperation and contracts in Poland and abroad.


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